FDI inflows into India have remained robust despite global headwinds. Global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows slid by 13% in 2018, to US$ 1.3 trillion from US$ 1.5 trillion the previous year – the third consecutive annual decline, according to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2019. India’s FDI inflows in 2018-19 remained strong at US$ 64.375 billion marking a 6% growth over the previous year. 

Further consolidate the gains in order to make India a more attractive FDI destination, FM Propsoed:

a. The Government will examine suggestions of further opening up of FDI in aviation, media (animation, AVGC) and insurance sectors in consultation with all stakeholders.  

b. 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will be permitted for insurance intermediaries.  

c. Local sourcing norms will be eased for FDI in Single Brand Retail sector.

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