India Entry

Raavish has vast experience in helping global companies to set up and expand into the Indian Market; we are well qualified and experienced to execute the preferred strategy and provide one stop solution to the client needs. We specialize in providing workable strategy solutions and implementation assistance to global companies, so as to gain the advantage of the Indian market in a best possible manner. Below options are available for any foreign players to enter into the Indian market and do the business.

  • 100% Wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Branch office
  • Liaison office
  • Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)
  • Joint ventures
  • Franchisee/distributorship Model


We can help our client in implementing of any of the above model as per their requirements including all license and approval, banking, real estate acquisition etc. required for the same.

If a foreign company who wants to enter into Indian market not by way of setting up its own entity but by way of partnership/distributorship with local partner, we help them find suitable partner and expand their business to Indian market. We perform the following activities on behalf of our clients:

  • Search for a local partner as per the requirement of Client.
  • Set-up meeting with them and have an initial discussion on the matter.
  • Set-up Joint meeting with our client.
  • Assist in deciding the terms and conditions of partnership.
  • Any other assistance depending upon the requirement of clients.

Expansion of Existing Business in India

Expansion of business can be done in many ways like addition of new products and services to your mix, Expand into new territories, improvement of business model, Merger and Acquisition etc. We help our clients in all the above ways by doing a detailed analysis, market study etc and offer the best way to expand across India.

Performance improvement

Many multinational Companies are successful in other countries but not in India, WHY?  Companies are under performing either on top line level or bottom line level from the target which management has set initially or running far behind from the same. This requires management to look into the reason for under performance and action needs to be taken. Our team shall help our client in finding out the reasons for under performance and suggest them necessary actions. This process involves:

Integrately - Integration platform